We have painted our den green and are converting it into a schoolroom for the girls...It will be so wonderful having everything in one room instead of all over the house! It is still a work in progress, and I find I am in great need of shelves and bookcases!!!


Anderson Center Art Festival

It was a windy day!

We were there first so we got the best seats for Patchouli

The girls are in the background playing on a rock

This weaver was visiting from Peru, and was weaving the most beautiful patterns!

A whole bunch of cousins posing under the horse sculpture's bum. (not my idea!)

Watching a "throw the pot" demonstration

A bunch of cousins up the tower.

Watching a glass blowing demonstration.

Playing the hammered dulcimer.

This guy was playing a kalimba that he made himself.

Girls on the courting bench


Going home

Greta speaking to Papa on the phone at the airport...can you see the excitement in her eyes....the girls could not wait to see their Papa!!!!

waiting to board

last minute entries in the trip journals and reading

Going home....countdown to seeing Papa!!!!

Virginia Vacation

Our last day going away breakfast was chocolate chip cookies

The best neighbor ever!!!!!

Kids at the pool waiting for the whistle so they can jump in

Eating ice-cream at the pool

funky goggles

playing with A...another fab neighbor!

On the metro

Brother-sister love!

on the metro

Freer Gallery of Art

In the peacock room, where I found out you are NOT allowed to use flash!

Giving our dogs a rest.

Just before we entered the museum.

There were magnifying glasses for children to use.

Greta mimicking an ancient Chinese statue

Smithsonian Folklife Festival

Nasa was celebrated this year at the festival along with Texas and Bhutan.

Here is some astronaut food...yummy

The kids went on a "mission" and one goal was coloring a picture that would be sent to Nasa headquarters. This is Maybelle's.

We got to meet the man that invented these gloves, and try them on.

another part of the mission...designing a patch for a space suit.

This man was explaining how astronauts eat and drink in space.

Smithsonian Folklife Festival

Greta got to hold a "real" dagger!!!!!

Checking out some of the material used for weaving...yak wool, silk, and sheep wool. Behind the kids you can see the loom and the woman weaving very intricate designs from memory....the girls learn how to weave at the age of 10 from their mothers.

This man was amazing...very happy...we could ask him questions through an interpreter . He showed us how to make yak butter and how to use a whip.

From this man we learned all about the food of Bhutan....the national dish, which we ate, is made from yak butter, yak cheese, and chilies. It was very good!
Smithsonian castle

The people from Bhutan use these for funeral ceremonies...they believe the evil gets wrapped up these, and after the ceremony they throw them away.

They are a bit like god's eyes only so much more elaborate.

The children had an opportunity to make one.

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