Chesapeake Bay

Hunting for shark teeth at Brownie Beach, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

It is no fun going to the sea with a broken arm, but this poor adorable nephew of mine was such a trooper....his cast was removed a few days after we returned from the beach, and his poor little arm was full of bug bites!!!!!

This is what our mornings looked like....good book, cup of coffee, and beautiful view!

One of the many shark teeth we found. Maybelle found 94 the first day.

My dear brother and his beloved canine companion.

Great hunting for shark teeth.

Sometimes using a sieve is more productive.

All four cousins

Greta was hoping against hope that we can bring this horseshoe crab home!

jumping for joy

My girls kept journals of the whole trip, here are all the ladies writing their daily entries .

Walking up the BIG HILL to go back to the cottage after being at the beach.

This is where the children ate all of their meals.....beautiful!

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