Dance Recital

The girls had their dance recital Friday night....It is Maybelle's sixth recital! Hard to believe how time passes! They both did a great job....their instructor is fantastic and makes it so much fun for the kids. Both girls danced tap, one ballet. Greta did "Rock a Hula" for tap which was so was so cute watching them hula hoop!
Dance and piano are done for a few months...........on Thursday, Maybelle flies up from Brownies to Juniors, and then scouts is done until summer camp. Greta has a scout sleepover in a couple of weeks, then she is done until camp and horseback riding. Gosh it has been a long year...we will enjoy the summer reprieve, and them I am sure, do it all over again next year!!!!!!

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Randall said...

The girls look so beautiful

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