Swimming, selling, and water bottle sucking

The girls sold cookies at the grocery store last Saturday at the local store and ran into their cousin H.

Greta finished her phonics book on Monday.

Here we are at Pizza hut using our book-it coupons....

Greta's rat, Crunch died yesterday...the girls wanted a photo with him...this was taken two days before he passed on....the girls dealt with his death pretty well....they put five star stickers on his cage, one to represent each family member, to see him off. We have just finished reading the book Sounder, which was not a great choice at this time, they both struggled a bit with the ending in light of their own personal loss.

We had the pool completely to ourselves today!!!!!!!

Greta has learned that it is not really a very good idea to suck on empty water bottles as bruised lips make her mommy laugh and laugh.

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