Random Love

Watching a movie with Martha and Lupe
Hiking at Hok-Si-La

Checking out our blood pressure at the drug store

Feeding ducks and gulls....agate hunting

Empire Builder

East bound....coming through Lake City on Aug 16

These cars are usually privately owned and can be rented.


Voyageur Canoes

Frontenac State Park sponsored a naturalist to take folks out in Voyageur canoes and learn some history of the Mississippi and it's earliest explorers.

On our way to the Methodist Beach in Frontenac, we spotted this
fawn grazing in a residential area...she was a bit timid, but didn't dash
away as we drove up, stopped, and Mary Emeline snapped these photos
from the car.

We all carried the 240 pound canoes to the beach

These canoes are ten years old, handmade without the use of any
power tools, and seat ten people each

listening to instruction before the journey

Once we were out a bit on the Lake, we joined canoes and
listened as the facilitators told the history of Lake Pepin and it's
first European explorers.

listening to the history

pink and white roses floating in the water.


Friday the 13th storm

A mighty wind!

This is my back yard. Trees are gone now (sniff)

This uprooted pine came to rest on my lovely birch.

This house is one block from can see the power lines down.

Two trees on this house...3 blocks away.

Grain bin

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