Mary Emeline made a wound
(vasoline, red food coloring, cocoa powder...put on a tissue.)
and added some blood
(corn syrup, a bit of H2o, red food color, cocoa powder)

Margaret made poo
(Oatmeal, cocoa powder, fake sugar, H2o)

Doggie biscuits

We are studying the middle the kids made tops.


Weekend fun

Scary movie!!!
lattice multiplication

her lair

making dog biscuits

Mary Emeline and her Papa are composing a song together.
It is beautiful....cannot wait until it is done!

Papa gave Margaret a guitar lesson

Crazy morning hair!

Waffles with strawberries and syrup from our trees!

Girlie slept over!


paper made by Margaret and Elise

making paper (Thanks, Terri!)

Margaret has learned to write out checks in math



Skiing at Hok-Si-La

iut on Lake Pepin

on the ice

On the ice

skiing down to the lake

B3...our favorite summer campsite

Chapel in the woods

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