Playing Catopoly
Getting ready

Russ and his Dad

Mary and Mary-Lou

Margaret playing "Heart and Soul"with Gram

corn pudding, squash, dressing

sweet potato pone, mashers, gravy, yummy wine!

Three kinds of Cran, spinach salad, turkey, smoked turkey, wine!

Mike and Britt

Grandma and Auntie Anita

Roger, Charles, and Keith

Mike, Hali, Mom
Mom and Hali

Bren came to help with clean-up


Lake Pepin


We went to a star party with Mike Lynch last are the girls with him and his telescope, Big Daddy. It was an amazing educational class. Mr Lynch is quite passionate and an amazing presenter....his story telling was fantastic! We cannot wait to go out and find some constellations tonight!
re-organized school room

The girls have joined a book club...they met at Caribou Coffee!

Turn down service for Papa after a late night gig

The school board


Trail Hike

We found a new trail in Frontenac yesterday...this one took us about two hours...
Of course we found some interesting things

a talon

Rest stop

uh oh....wrong turn?

they climed down to read the said, "State Park"

Bird nest

Rest stop


Sand Point Again

The weather has been AMAZING for November in Minnesota, so we have been managing to squeeze a hike in almost every day!...Here we are at Sand Point again with Elise and Brenda.

Of course Mary Emeline found a fossil!

on the point

on the point

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