She did it AGAIN! Sucked on a bottle in the car....she got home with HUGE LIPS and bruising that is still visible days later! What a kid....she IS the one who ALWAYS put objects up her nose as a toddler!

Godfathers Pizza with Gram and Auntie


putting in the floor in the kitchen

beautiful baby CC


Science Museum of Minnesota

The best shakes ever!
An obligatory stop on the way home...Hastings Dairy Store
light exhibit

musical stairs

light exhibit

colorful shadows

checking Adam's temp

Gathering saliva in the lab to see how the enzymes dissolve starch

Greta getting attacked by the wild shadow animal

This game is loads of is have to gather fruit and take it out without the carnivore seeing you....if you move while it is looking at you.....he will attack!

Free-falling....goosebumps exhibit


We have been tapping a few maple trees with our friends



Minnesota science museum

girls in the Hmong house

light exhibit

Greta checking the temp of the meat patties

Greta and her cheek cells

Greta working in the lab

getting a swab

Goosebumps size video game...Greta and her Papa are trying to outsmart the carnivore

Goosebumps exhibit.....are you afraid of an electic shock?

weaving on the big loom

in the nature lab

In the water exhibit

learning about rocks and minerals

wall of the entrance to the water exhibit


Minnesota zoo

Greta did not fall in this time!!!!!

Grizzly coast

3D undersea movie at the IMAX

The tigers were amazing!!!

Maybelle....face to face

Greta really wants a tortoise, turtle or terrapin, can you tell?

coral reef exhibit

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