The girls performed in the Nutcracker at the Sheldon Theater over the weekend. What a fabulous experience despite the blizzard!!!!

Going up to the stage for the final bow
posing with the nutcracker

Mad-libs kept the girls busy in the green room

Playing Uno in the green room

Greta putting on her ballet shoes

We were able to watch the perfomance on this television

Maybelle on the phone with Papa

We got Italian soda's from the coffee house next door

The weather was horrible, and since the show was Saturday and Sunday, we spent the night at my brothers. Five star accommodations and great food!!!

Eating breakfast with the cousins. Auntie made scones, eggs, waffles, and fruit!!!!!

The tin soldiers and their instructor...

Mad libs in the green room

Dress rehearsal

Dress rehearsal

Greta getting her cheeks on

Watching the dancers perform

some soldiers peeking at the dancers during rehearsals

Look at Maybelles new slippers!!!!

The girls in front of the Sheldon Theater....notice there are NO CARS! This was taken at 3:00 on a Saturday afternoon. The weather terrible...even the library was closed!


The girls are dancing in the Nutcracker at the Sheldon tonight and tomorrow. They are tin soldiers along with with seven other girls from their dance class. Here they are at their final rehearsal

I have been ill all week, so we have not had much school. The girls have been doing a bunch of reading and as you can see, we had a "jamma day"

And Greta has been working on cursive


pumpkin and ice cream

The girls made ice cream in the ice cream ball....nothing like home made vanilla with cream, sugar, and the best Mexican vanilla!!!!!

I made a bunch of desserts for Thanksgiving...Maybelle had to let go of Melman (the pumpkins name) who she has loved since was quite difficult for her, but the end result......delicious!!!!!

See the tears on Melman? Maybelle had a few too.

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