The cookies are here!!!!!

I would say we have a bit of work ahead of us....delivering all these cookies. I'm glad we have recovered from our illness enough to accept the challenge!!!

Greta is teaching Sparky how to say her name, but so far, Sparky has not been very cooperative.

Recovering after being ill....


Greta is seven!!!!

Here is my seven year old!!!! She chose to go out for Chinese for lunch on her birthday.

Doesn't she look so seven!!!

Here is our cat litter cake we made for girl scouts!

It looks pretty real....a bit too real for some of the girls!!!!!



The girls went cross county skiing and tried out snowshoes for the first time yesterday. We had so much fun, and now we all want to buy some skis! Maybelle took off like she was born on those skis!!!!

Greta skiing by the lake....she is in front of B3, our favorite campsite in the summer!

Maybelle on the trail with my cousin B
The girls, Maybelle on skis, and Greta with snowshoes on the trail with B
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