Greta missing her brother

So the boy moved out on Saturday....tough day for all of us, but not so much for him. He is thrilled to be starting a new chapter in his life.....This is some stuff that Greta doodled that day.....sad girl

Notice in the picture that the whole family is sad except the boy, who is smiling!


Hair today gone tomorrow

Maybelle woke up yesterday with dreadlocks......she has been to the pool a few times....there was no way I was going to brush through out came the shears, and off came the dreads!
She is so excited to be able to swim and shower without having to go through the torture of keeping all the tangles out of those curls!!!!!!


Summer homeschool

I have been doing a bit of daycare since school has been out, so our days are less structured, and our reading time is a bit more of a challenge....seems like there is always someone or night. We have been taken tons of nature walks lately, and we have started our own summer reading program since we will be going our east for a couple weeks and missing most of our local library's program.

Greta loves to play school with stuffed animals...she lines them all up and gives them schoolwork and tests.

We dug out the leap pad which we have not used in a while.....

Reading and keeping track of the books they read. We have discovered that the public schools reward children with nasty fast food meals for reading books, so we have our own reward system which includes a trip to our local candy store where they make their own fudge! Yum....
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