Outdoor School

Now that it is warmer, we have been going to a local park, Hok-Si-La, in the afternoons a few days a week. First we hike the trails, finding all kinds of treasures, then we somehow manage to find some time to play in the park.

Sometimes we bring along school books.
And if we are REALLY lucky, the park manager finds the time in her very busy schedule so show the kids some photos of wildlife in this park.


Dance Recital

The girls had their dance recital Friday night....It is Maybelle's sixth recital! Hard to believe how time passes! They both did a great job....their instructor is fantastic and makes it so much fun for the kids. Both girls danced tap, one ballet. Greta did "Rock a Hula" for tap which was so was so cute watching them hula hoop!
Dance and piano are done for a few months...........on Thursday, Maybelle flies up from Brownies to Juniors, and then scouts is done until summer camp. Greta has a scout sleepover in a couple of weeks, then she is done until camp and horseback riding. Gosh it has been a long year...we will enjoy the summer reprieve, and them I am sure, do it all over again next year!!!!!!

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